Friday, April 9, 2010

STOP! Potty Time!

So last night was the beginning of having a hard time sleeping--I've had great luck so far and I'm thankful that I'm down to five weeks before having this issue, because I know some women struggle for much longer. Last night, I was super exhausted and therefore thrilled to be hitting the hay. Anson had other things in mind and he was moving around LIKE CRAZY (which is not normal, he is usually asleep at around 11)and making it REALLY HARD for me to breathe, so I tried propping myself up in a reclining position and that helped but then the heartburn kicked in. I took some tums, which helped immediately and then I was able to start falling asleep. WRONGO! I got up 6 times last night to pee, it was INSANE and it just made me MAD! Welcome to the beginning of a VERY long 5 weeks.

Side Note: While I have been sounding like I'm about to rip my hair out in my last couple posts, I just want to say that I am so EXCITED to be a Mom and so excited to meet my Son. I'm even more excited for Taylor to hold him for the first time, because it's going to be a beautiful moment and he is going to be an incredible Dad.

Now, let the discomfort of the final weeks of pregnancy continue! Totally worth it, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

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