Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm having a baby in five weeks...

So, it hit me this morning that Taylor and I are going to be parents in five weeks or less and I'm getting a little anxious and feeling totally unprepared. His diaper bag is ready to go, so that's a plus right?!? My bag isn't ready though and I haven't even taken his car seat out of the box yet and I went to order his pak n play the other night and it's out of stock, so I looked and looked for another one that I liked and couldn't find one which has led me to conclude that I am OBSESSED with matching!! I wanted the car seat, stroller and pak n play to match so badly that I was angry for the rest of the night and I have to get one like SOON or he won't have a place to sleep if he comes early... There are still so many things that I need to get before he comes and I'm feeling stressed that I won't have everything and then he'll be here. I know that the "things" are not what I need to be stressing about, but it's hard not to and it distracts be from the fact that I have to deliver a little person in 5 weeks and that's not exactly going to be a walk in the park. Then we have to take him home and he'll be our responsibility--hows that for scary?!?

On another note, we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get things done on our house so that it'll be ready to move into when we have to be out of our apartment on the 25th of this month (not likely). The upstairs might be totally done, but the basement is nowhere near being done. The weather has put a damper on getting things accomplished because we still have to pour a slab of concrete in the basement in order to finish framing it and if it's too cold, then the concrete freezes in the truck! AHHHHH! Do you see why I don't feel ready to have a baby?! The drywall should be done this week, but we still have to paint the exterior doors and then the walls (picking a paint color is a tad overwhelming), the all the travertine, tile and carpet needs to be laid and the cabinets will need to be installed once they arrive, which won't be for another two weeks!

Okay, I'm going for a walk.


Kylie said...

hahaha. i love you. hang in there, girlie.

Tanner and Lindsay said...

can't believe that you and taylor are going to have a baby soon. It seems like it has gone by so so fast. You guys will be great!!!! let us know if you need any help moving or with the house. Love you :)