Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anson is 6 weeks!

Well, because I am a slacker of a Mom and forgot to do a post when our little man turned one month old, I decided that I should do one now. Can't Believe Anson is already 6 weeks old! He is growing like a weed and has changed so much already since he was born.

6 week stats: 9lbs 7 oz and 21 1/2inches long

Anson loves music, his binky (only when he needs it though), his mobile, his caterpillar and the pretty song it plays, his little fisher price chair, to take walks, and to stare at the clouds.

He's happiest when: he swaddled up tight for bed, his bum is clean, his tummy is full and when he's being loved and kissed and cuddled by his Mommy or Daddy.

Hey cute guy,

We think you have the cutest bulky cloth diaper bum on the planet!

We love your wide eyed stare, you are always so enamored by anything new or by looking at your Mom and Dad or any new face.

Your Daddy absolutely adores you and is already buying you trucks to play with for when you get bigger. Mommy adores as well, but she's always behind the camera.

We love you more than you realize sweet boy. Please don't grow up too fast.

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Trish said...

Thank you for calling.

Yes he is growing like a weed.