Monday, June 14, 2010

I love my Grandpa more than...

My binky and a my warm blanket

My Chair (it's a pretty good chair too)

My Mobile

5 reasons why my Grandpa Barlow is the best

He thinks my bulky cloth diaper bum is cute
He knows just how to hold me when my tummy hurts
He's good at snuggling
He's gonna take me fishing all the time when I'm bigger
He's gonna teach me how to make deals just like him when I grow up so I can be successful

Grandpa, I love you! Happy Birthday!



Trish said...

Thank you for what you wrote. Some of what you said I wasn't expecting it to come from you when we didn't do a lot together. It is good to know that you know me a little better then I thought.

I don't see reated R stuff.

Grand parents can be fun when your older. They can make you grow up really fast when your not expecting it. When I was 16 that happed to me and it really freeked me out.

Kylie said...

he really is adorable. crazy that barlows are parents! so fun