Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anson: 11 Months

It's been a great month full of fun for Anson!  We traveled to Washington D.C., went to the Zoo, celebrated Anson's first St Patrick's Day and spent lots of time in the pool.  Anson is officially a little person.  It's so strange to see him stand and WALK around, he took 20 or more steps just the other day.  He definitely isn't a little baby anymore.

You are such a good kid, you listen well already although, that doesn't mean if Daddy or Mommy tell no that you always listen the first time.  You are so aware of everything around you, whether it's birds or planes, you are always observing.  You've become very mischievous as of late getting into the toilet that has had pee in it a few times (YUCK), taking all the paper out of the printer, terrorizing Mommy's magazines or books, licking water off of the dishwasher when I'm putting dishes away and intentionally dumping over your basket of socks.  Mommy is REALLY GRATEFUL that you have yet to learn how to open the cupboards. 

We had such grand adventures this month when we traveled to Washington D.C. and you were the trooper of the century minus waking up at 5:30a.m. every morning!!  You took naps in your stroller, ate on the go and adjusted very well to the crib in the hotel room.  We got to see and do so much, so thanks for being the GREATEST! 

 You LOVE to stare at yourself in the mirror.  If fact, you could do it all day.  You love to sit and talk to yourself,  make faces, do tricks for yourself and dance.

Did I mention that we took lots of trips to the pool.  You love it!  You love to splash and kick and squeal!  Daddy and Mommy got you your very own Turtle tube to float around in and while your a little too light for it now (your bum hardly goes in the water), you'll grow into it!

We had successfully weaned you off your binky before we went to D.C., but we may have gone backwards on the trip, because you needed it and you were being so incredible that I just couldn't say no if it was going to make you happy.  Mommy is sort of  a push over.

Addy is your BESTEST best friend!  You adore her and she adores you too even though she has a funny way of showing it (like running away from you, growling at you and snapping at you), she comes up to you and give you kisses and puts up with you patting her and pulling her hair out.

  You do some really hilarious things like taste testing your food; you stick your tongue out to the first bite of every meal to make sure you like it before completely opening your mouth.  You love to bang on things, hiss and point at things you see.  Hissing is funny, because that's what your Daddy and your cousin Claire used to do when they were little and didn't talk very well.

We love you Mr. and don't you forget it!  Happy 11 months!

, Daddy & Mommy