Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was a busy and fun one.  It was Anson's first after all and so being busy all Sunday long with festivities was very enjoyable.  We didn't dye eggs this year, I figured he wouldn't have a clue what was going on anyway.  Observe Anson and his Easter gifts.

Despite not having any idea why he was getting gifts, he loves his Farm touch and feel book and he loves his dinosaur puzzle!

We spent the morning in Sacrament meeting, which was a beautiful service filled with music.  We ditched out afterwards to have a lovely Easter Brunch with the Anderson's.  Don't remember me talking about Taylor's bosses and their wonderful families?  Go here, here or here.  They are incredible and of course the food was delicious.  They are the closest thing we have to family around here and they made for a darn Happy Easter!

Jeff was so sweet and snapped a few photos of our handsome little man in his Sunday best.  They turned out real cute and we are so grateful to have such adorable photos to remember Anson's first Easter .  Thanks Jeff!

After Brunch, we headed home for about an hour for naps and a change of clothes, then we headed to the Ladles.  They are the cutest little family in our ward and we just love 'em!  We had a scrumptious ham dinner completed with the MOST AMAZING potatoes I have ever eaten.  Heck yes, we went back for seconds!   We completed the night with cheesecake, chatting and me dancing around like a crazy person with their adorable daughter Parker.  It was a fantastic evening.  P.S. Robin has the cutest blog and she's real cute and clever!  Check it out here!

What better way to spend Easter than with friends, family and good food?  Hope everyone's Easter was equally as fun and Happy!


Chels said...

He is really so stinking cute! I can't get over it! Happy Easter!

The Barlows said...

Aww..Thanks!! Happy Easter to you!!!