Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Barlows & The Andersons go to D.C.

About a month ago, we got to go to Washington D.C. with our best buddies Brian and Brittany for five days!  It was a PARTY!!!

 Day one: We arrive and Brittany, Celeste and Anson go to Georgetown, VA while the boys worked.  Nevermind that we got lost and almost died on the way there because some stupid man wouldn't let us over!  We shopped, had lunch and ate some yummy cupcakes, it was a GRREEAT day!

Out to dinner that night.

Day two: Brittany, Celeste and Anson go tour the Capitol building and the National Museum of Natural History (diamonds people, lots of diamonds).  Did we get lost AGAIN?  Perhaps.  Let's just say that Brittany and I would not win the Amazing race. 

I was like a little kid at Christmas time when we pulled into D.C.  I have seen the sites all my life in movies, books and pictures, but the real thing is WAY BETTER!!  Britt was laughing her head off at me. The guards at the capitol tried to make us throw away our matching $14 water bottles, it wasn't happening.  We hiked to our state building to store them there (long story) and BONUS, we got tickets to see the house and senate in session!  We met up with the boys for a delicious dinner at Sweetwater in VA.  It was an awesome way to end a wonderful day!

P.S. Sorry Mr. Man who was breathing down my neck at the museum while we were in the diamond gallery for telling you to get out of my personal bubble.  You were kind of freaking me out with your lack of respect for personal space.  I really didn't meant to be rude.

Day 3:  The Barlows and The Andersons power tour D.C.  We saw the Arlington cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Wall of Tears,  the white house(drive by) and the National Museum of American History.  We ended our day at Martin's Tavern where almost every President has eaten and where J.F.K proposed to Jackie. 

Sometimes, when I get really excited, I jump around and I look like this.  SPAZZ.
Enough said.

Day 4: it rained, so we toured a wine vineyard and after Brain, Britt and Kyle had a wine tasting, we played Cranium!  We also went to Wegman's, it's probably the most amazing grocery store I've ever seen.  You should go.
The phantom Brian!  This is the only picture of him because he was kind enough to take on the roll of photographer!

Day 5:  Time to say Good Bye!  We ended our fabulous vacation at the Air and Space Museum in Dulles, the space section was my fave!

Thanks Brian and Britt for being the BEST TOUR GUIDES EVER and for being the AWESOMEST travel partners!!


Chels said...

Wow, you guys did A LOT! I'm so glad that you got to see all of the fun sights! Please come again!

Sally said...

I am in love with you.

that's what she said...

i love all these cute photos! and anson-could he get any cuter?!