Friday, February 11, 2011

Anson: 9 Months

Anson's 9 Month Stats:  Height 28 3/4inches (65th percentile) Weight 16lbs 12oz (3rd percentile).  He may be a skinny little man, but there is a lot of him to love!!

This has been a month of milestones and it's quite astounding to me that our little boy is just 3 months shy of a year.  Crazy how time flies.


You have achieved so much this month, I can hardly believe it!  You are definitely your own man and you are going to keep us on our toes--you are stubborn (sorry to admit that you got that trait from me), you always want to do things yourself whether it's hold your own bottle (last month you refused), putting your binky in your mouth or holding your own sippy cup.  You haven't quite figured out how to tip your cup up enough to actually get anything out of it, but you'll get it soon enough.  You amaze Mom and Dad with how quickly you figure things out-- at the end of last month you were scooting backwards and in circles and then you started scooting forward for just a week and now look at you!

 You are crawling like a mad man and there is no stopping you!

And crawling means...

 That you get yourself stuck in all sort of compromising positions and get into EVERYTHING!!!  Mommy is doomed when you figure out how to open the cupboards.  You love the bathroom, because there are all sorts of discoveries to be made and things to be eaten in there--like your diaper sprayer hose and toilet paper.  Mommy has to vacuum every other day, because you will eat anything and everything you find on the floor.  You will dig and rake at it until you get it and into the mouth it goes. 

 After crawling for just three weeks, you figured out how to pull yourself up onto furniture and STAND!  See the look on your face in these pictures?  You are so proud of yourself and we're proud of you too.

The combination of crawling and standing up on things means even more MISCHIEF, which means there are blockades in front of the printer, as well as the cable and wireless box.  Standing also means that you have discovered the electrical outlets and you could give a rip about the actual outlet, you just want the covers!  They are scattered all over the house.  Thanks buddy. 

One of Mommy's favorite things to do is get you dressed up for church, I just love your little sweaters and polo shirts!  Wait until you get a bit bigger, because little do you know that you have sweater vests and corduroys up the ying yang! 

 Papa and Grandma Barlow came to visit us this month and you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!  One of your favorite things is when Papa gets on the floor and plays with you.  Sadly, you got sick for the first time this month too and it was during their visit.  Luckily Grandma was here, because she helped Mommy take the BEST care of you!

We hang out with Uncle Brian and Aunty Britt quite frequently and they ADORE the heck out you!  They love babysitting you and taking the cutest photos of you.  I have to give you a high five for convincing Uncle Brian that it's time to start a family!!  Yay you for being such a good baby and helping him realize that it's not that SCARY!

 Night time has become your and Daddy's time.  He plays with you and takes care of you every night before you go to bed.  You never disappoint him with the excited expression you have on your face when he walks through the door--you are THRILLED every single night!

 It's been really HOT here lately and that means lots of hats and shorts and even better--LOTS OF POOL TIME!!!!  You love to crawl across the top step and stand up to the side and on the second step.  You love to splash around and eat every leaf that has fallen in the water.  You crazy kid!

Thank you for being the most amazingly happy kid on the planet.  You are the best and we love you like crazy! Can't wait to see what next months brings!  Walking maybe? 

, Daddy & Mommy

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