Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who the heck is Taylor?

Okay let's face it, aside from pictures of Taylor with Anson and myself, I don't do many updates about my Hubby very often.  It's not because I don't like him, because I sorta do, but this is my blog--my journal of sorts.  

Well, because family and friends do read this, I decided that it would be a good idea to update everyone on how Taylor is and what he's up to, because he's pretty important too.

Taylor LOVES Florida and can you guess why?

Taylor has fishing down in Idaho, but fishing in Florida is a whole new ball game and he is head over heels.

So much so that he just HAD to buy one of these to have the ability to catch things like...

This.  Pretty ugly right?  This is a Tarpon and it has been around since the time of dinosaurs.

So that's Taylor.  When he's not working or helping me with Anson, he eats, drinks, and breaths fishing.


Chels said...

That's so funny. I was telling someone the other day that I think that all husbands are obsessed with something, whether it's sports, fishing, etc.

Leah said...

Love the post! Taylor and his fishing!