Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sounds gross right?  Well, the kettlecorn, music and rides were anything but gross.  And may I say, the food smelled delicious, but we passed on that. 

If any of you have ever been to Victor, ID on the 4th of July or to downtown Portland's Saturday Market, the Garlicfest was pretty much a glorified version of one of those only they are free and this cost $10 to get in. It had tents upon tents of jewelry, spices, trinkets and pretty much anything homemade you can think of and tons of food vendors.  What set the Garlicfest apart was the array of rides and carnival games and the live bands!  We had a great time!

Super excited to be out doing something fun as a family!  The kettlecorn was AMAZING!!!

The many faces of least we got some picture together right?!?

I forget what this ride was called, but is went up and down in circles really fast and it made me nauseous!  I used to be able to ride things like this for hours--not anymore!  I hate getting older!

That is one tuckered out little man!

What a great night in downtown Delray! 

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