Friday, February 18, 2011

♥ Lovers Day ♥

This Valentines Day was slightly nuts.

Taylor had to pick up his new boat which was in a city 2 and 1/2 hours away.  He had no clue when it would be done--possibly not until close at 5, which would put him home at 7:30.  Or it could get done early and he could be home by 6.  So I had a babysitter and a date with my hubby, but no reservation for dinner and no time to give the babysitter.  My anxiety level was through the roof.

Taylor finally got home at 7:30 and we headed to Kristi and Mark's to drop Anson off.  Of course a semi truck had tipped over, so traffic was at a dead stop and I'm thinking "this date is just not supposed to happen for us."  We finally got Anson dropped off and headed to PF Changs for dinner (we've both never been).

We had to wait for an hour and a half.  That's right people.  We were starving by the time we were finally seated at 9:30 and once our depleted energy was brought back up by some egg rolls, we had a great time together. The food was delicious and the company wasn't bad either!! ;-)

Came back to our baby sleeping on a couch cushion on the floor--it was darling.  He had so much fun with Auntie Kristi, Uncle Mark, Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jeff.

All in all it was a great night, sort of a headache, but totally worth it to have a night alone with my VERY fabulous Hubby!

Happy Valentines to all!

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